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Favorite movies ohyea must be the movies from 1996.Long Kiss goodnight.
The brain.is a wonderful organ. It starts working the moment you turn your eyes in the morning and will not stop until you arrive at work.
Lives in Nes Romerike
With its close proximity to Oslo and Norway’s main airport, Nes is very centrally placed without any great annoyance from air traffic noise.Nature has been generous in giving us many idyllic places
About me
Never good to see what I can find and print

As a start, I can tell that I was born and raised in Nannestad, born in 1950. As an adult I floated me to the Nes romerike in 1982 Here I met Sonja, we have two children, and here I thought and become

Otherwise, my passion American cars especially Van.Hobby’s is data since 1983,music from 1950 to to day,(not clasic and opera) and our 3 dogs, cavalier king charles and 1 cat. I think I’m a generally happy kid, but have been incredibly tired in the last year, but it is okay now the New Year … new year new opportunities and things are already in place. I am excited as a young..And one more thing My wife comes from Nes closer Flagstad out in what we say Flakstad hook.